Why does member Steve Thompson believe in Syracuse?

Why does member Steve Thompson believe in Syracuse?

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Q&A with Steve Thompson, Owner of Integrity Cost Consulting

Steve Thompson is a member of Believe in Syracuse and the owner of Integrity Cost Consulting – a Syracuse-based firm that “helps organizations improve their cash flow in 2-4 weeks for no cost and no increase in their expenses.” Originally from Ogdensburg, NY, Steve moved to Syracuse in 1999 after always aspiring to live here. He now resides in Liverpool with his wife, three sons and two dogs.

As someone who is passionate about helping local organizations manage their costs, Steve understands the challenges that come with operating a small business – find out why, in his opinion, Syracuse is a great place for business owners.


Why do you believe in Syracuse?

I believe in Syracuse because there are many people in this area who want to be here and want to make Syracuse a great place to live.  People in this area care about our community and are eager to help others. Syracuse loves small businesses. Syracuse keeps getting better.


What do you love about living in Syracuse?

I love Syracuse for many reasons. I’ve always wanted to live here.  It’s a decent size city and is close to my relatives in Ogdensburg. It’s easy and quick to get from point A to B.  There are many great small businesses and organizations. There are many opportunities to volunteer. There are plenty of good schools.  I’m a huge Syracuse sports fan. The pizza and Italian food can’t be beaten. Finally, I think I can make a difference here.


What makes Syracuse a great place for your business or organization?

Syracuse has many small and medium-sized businesses that compete nationally and globally.  In order to compete, remain in business, and maintain their workforce, it’s important that their costs are accurate and managed properly.  Lower costs mean increased cash flow. Increased cash flow can help Syracuse-area organizations grow and hire more employees. My company can help organizations verify, recover, and reduce their utility, telecom, and waste costs.  These costs are typically paid with the assumption of being correct or with the thought that they are “fixed” and there is nothing they can do. We have the expertise necessary to educate organizations about these costs and give them peace of mind knowing they are being billed accurately and cost efficiently.  Errors and overcharges are common.


How can readers learn more about your business or organization and how can folks work with you/become a customer?

You can find out more about how we help organizations by visiting IntegrityCostConsulting.com. 

I’d like to have a 15-30 minute meeting with any organization who is concerned about costs and could benefit from improved cash flow.  If your organization never had an independent, expert review of your utility, telecom, and/or waste costs/invoices or it has been more than two years since your last expert review, then please contact us for a no-obligation consultation to see if we could help your organization.  Thank you.

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