Forbes raves of Syracuse's renaissance, "one of the most underrated cities in the country"

Forbes raves of Syracuse's renaissance, "one of the most underrated cities in the country"

I started Believe in Syracuse because CNY is a great place to live. Our problems are real. I see them first hand every day. The Believe in Syracuse office is in the South Side Innovation Center.

Spending time on the South Side of Syracuse I also see progress and hope every day as there are many people and organizations working hard to make our city stronger.

US News and World Report did research that shows that on average, we enjoy a quality of life and cost of living that rivals any city in the country. Where we lagged behind in that study is in net migration, an area we're passionate about. By promoting positive perceptions of Greater Syracuse, we are on a mission to help retain our best and brightest young people.

As Syracuseans, we can be our own biggest critics. However, I can't tell you how many people I've met who moved here from elsewhere and fell in love with Central New York. We consistently receive national recognition for the progress that happens here. We have been a city on the rise for nearly a decade and our city has turned a corner in a positive direction.

Today our advisory council hosted guest speaker Rob Simpson, President of CenterState CEO and he reminded us about this recent Forbes article that highlights Syracuse as "one of the most underrated cities in the country" and how Hotel Syracuse has risen from the dead.

We all need to be serious about improving our city for those in need but we also must celebrate ourselves. We should celebrate Providence Services of Syracuse for helping lift people out of poverty through their rides to work program. We should celebrate locally owned businesses like TCG Player, CH Insurance, AP Professionals and Wegmans for contributing to help grow our economy.

We should celebrate all of you. It's people like you who care about other people, who volunteer, who donate to charity, who are good neighbors and good citizens who make a difference. That's why you should join us in just about two weeks at Views Over Syracuse - a fall night out from the top floor of the iconic Crowne Plaza in Downtown Syracuse.

Views Over Syracuse is about celebrating our past, present and future, and what makes Syracuse a great place to live. Come to celebrate yourself and each other, because you deserve it. Click here to learn more and buy your tickets today!


Here's a sneak peek and some of the views you'll enjoy at the event:

John DeSantis
Believe in Syracuse


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