Syracuse is rising because local businesses and non-profits help local people and our economy grow. Join in with us and become a sponsor by April 27th to help us get more people to believe in Syracuse.

On May 1st, Believe in Syracuse will embark upon a monthlong celebration and mass media campaign to promote local businesses, employers, specifically our sponsors who contribute to making Syracuse a more positive place.

This offers an amazing opportunity for new sponsors to sign up, existing sponsors to renew their sponsorship and take advantage of the following:

- Mass email to our 4,100 subscriber list and to our 700 member LinkedIn group that mentions your business or organization, info on the work you do, and promotes a call to action for your organization in the body of the email
- Article on announcing our active sponsors, mentioning your business or organization and the work you do
- Inclusion in a press release about our sponsors that will be sent to all local news outlets, likely resulting in local TV coverage
- Upon request, Believe in Syracuse will work with you to compose and publish an article on our blog, the entirety of which will be about your organization and will share this blog post to our Facebook Page (9,585 followers), Twitter (9,831 followers) and on LinkedIn.
- Provide access to a member of your team to post in our Facebook Group (2,061 members) up to twice per week for a month
- And more! Is there something your business has planned for May? Let us know and we can promote that as well!

Are you interested in learning more? Contact John DeSantis at or call 315-657-7478. 


Local Businesses and Nonprofits drive progress in this community and make it a great place to live. That's why leaders from their organizations make up our Advisory Council which helps Believe in Syracuse retain and attract residents to the Greater Syracuse Community. Join us!

Here are some of our current sponsors who are part of our Sponsor Advisory Council

  • Joe Convertino Jr. and David Graham from CH Insurance
  • Clifton Carden from Carden Dotzler Hammond - Attorneys At Law
  • Ben Tupper from Beer Belly Deli
  • Phil Van Horne and Mackenzie Naum from BlueRock Energy
  • Ann Marie Warner and Sue Wallace from AP Professionals
  • John Viggiano and Phil Bova from Simon’s Agency
  • Andrew Schuster and Edward McGraw at Ashley McGraw Architects
  • Jesse McCormick from McCormick Internet Consultants
  • Troy Evans, Real Estate Developer and Owner of Commonspace
  • Tison Kelley from Breakthrough Design
  • Michael Gilbert, It’s About Childhood & Family
  • Esther Zorn, Keller Williams Real Estate
  • Evelyn Carter, Wegmans Food Markets
  • Deborah Hundley, Providence Services of Syracuse
  • Del Lago Resort & Casino
  • Woodbine Hospitality Group - Tom Fernandez
  • Michael Sgro, LLC
  • Hill & Associates Financial Services - Charles Polka



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