New Data shows Syracuse on the Rise

New Data shows Syracuse on the Rise

We're #1 . . . and we have statistical data to prove it!

U.S. News and World Report is the gold standard for objective data driven rankings. They are who we trust to rank our colleges, and they are also who we trust to rank our cities.

This year U.S. News and World Report ranked Syracuse the 28th best city in the country to live in (up from 53 last year). This jump in the rankings makes Syracuse one of the 3 up and coming cities in the country to live in! 

Those are the results, but lets take a deeper look into the findings.


Syracuse ranks above average in the following categories:

  1. Value (defined as how comfortably the average resident can afford to live within her means) is a comparison of household income to cost of living. Our median household income is average for a city our size, and our cost of living is the best in the country, thus the Value is well above average.
  2. Quality of Life (defined as a combination of 5 factors: education, quality & availability of health care, crime rates, commute time, and resident well being) Syracuse is above average in all of these categories, and thus well above average in quality of life as a whole.
  3. Unemployment
  4. Total teachers
  5. Teacher to student ratio
  6. College readiness 
  7. Overall Crime Rate
  8. Violent Crime Rate
  9. Average Commute Time 

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Syracuse ranks below average in the following categories:

  1. Net Migration


*A more expansive break down of the methodology behind these rankings can be found HERE.

These findings yield one very obvious conclusion. Syracuse has an image problem! The people of Syracuse do not know how good they have it, and thus far too many of them move away. This hurts people who move (often times to cities with fewer opportunities) under the false impression that Syracuse has nothing for them. It also hurts the people who stay in Syracuse. Anytime a smart person leaves, our city as a whole suffers. I personally know many people who left Syracuse only to realize (after years they could have spent building a successful life here) that they had it better in Syracuse all along. 

What is the cause of Syracuse's image problem? In many ways we are a victim of our own success. Syracuse went through a slow decline that lastedover a generation. That's a generation of built up negativity. In contrast, our resurgence happened extremely quickly, and the news has not yet filtered down to many people who don't pay close attention. Not to mention the well known fact that long held beliefs are hard to change.  

U.S. news has provided us with data that Syracuse is one of the top up and coming cities in the country, yet to date this data has been largely overlooked.  Here is why we all need to spread the word: Net Migration is important enough to be considered 10% of a cities overall ranking.  Ours takes Syracuse's overall score down .3 points … if you make Net Migration equal to the scores Syracuse averages in all other categories we come in as the 8th best city in the country to live in (tied with Boston)!!!

Syracuse's image problem is undeserved, and it is hurting all of us. We are an elite city when it comes to Value and Quality of life. If we can turn our image problem around, then we become one of the elite places to live in the entire world! We need to take it upon ourselves to fight the good fight and change the tide!  All it takes it being proud of where you live and standing up for it every once in a while; you can start by sharing these numbers. 

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Written by Paul Colabufo, Board President, Believe in Syracuse


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