Release: Believe in Syracuse Requests Proposals for Local Artistic Mural

Release: Believe in Syracuse Requests Proposals for Local Artistic Mural

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Believe in Syracuse Requests Proposals for Local Artistic Mural

Syracuse, November 5 2017 – Believe in Syracuse announced plans to install a mural at 1022 W. Fayette St. Syracuse in the summer of 2018.   The official request for proposals (RFP) was recently released for all artists with a total budget of up to $20,000.

Paul Colabufo, President of the Believe in Syracuse Board of Directors, noted a renewed interest in the arts in CNY with many projects and new venues.  “Combined they change Syracuse drastically, and for the better, by making it a more beautiful and interesting place to live,” Colabufo stated.  

Complete details and the official RFP can be found on Believe in Syracuse’s website at   

Artists must submit proposals no later than March 16, 2018. A panel of local judges will choose the winning submission on May 1. The project is expected to begin shortly after. The submission will be chosen based on a variety of factors focusing heavily on the artist whose artwork promotes a positive perception and inspires a sense of pride in Syracuse.

Believe in Syracuse is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote positive aspects of Greater Syracuse and help improve the quality of life for its residents.  Artwork which helps spread the Believe in Syracuse message can increase the emotional connection to the area.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of Summer.  The mural is in a high traffic area on Syracuse’s West Side.  The area has gained a lot of attention in the artistic community and is becoming a bright spot in the community.

“The Gear Factory and Lipe Art Park are drawing talented and creative people to the Near Westside,” Colabufo said.  ”We want our mural to fit into this culture and help advance the wonderful changes they have already made possible.”

High visibility and recognition will be great for any established or struggling artist.  


Believe in Syracuse’s mission promotes positive perceptions and improves the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse area.  Learn more by visiting the website and become a member today.


Press Contact:  MarkAvery Claridge


Mobile phone:  (315)289-2500

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