Request for Proposals
Believe in Syracuse Mural
Issued by:
Believe in Syracuse
Deadline: Friday, March 16, 2018
For more information:
Paul Colabufo, Board President
I. RFP Project Summary
Believe in Syracuse is seeking to commission a mural to be located on the downtown facing side of 1022 W. Fayette St. Syracuse, NY. The total project budget is up to $20,000. The Believe in Syracuse Art Committee will administer the artist selection process.
II. Project Background
Believe in Syracuse has been around for four years and is an emerging civic and charitable non-profit. Over the past four years, we have engaged thousands of people through social media and our events about the positive aspects of Syracuse. We have converted civic pride into energy for programs that make a difference in the community, particularly through neighborhood organizing and community service. Building off of our fourth birthday, which had an attendance of 1200 people and had dozens of art vendors we partnered with, we’re now looking for proposals for a major art installation in
III. Project Description
A) Overview
1022 W. Fayette St. is located at the crossroads of several diverse neighborhoods on the City'sWest Side, Tipp Hill, Park Ave, Skunk City, Downtown, and the Near Westside neighborhood, which, over the years, W. Fayette corridor has turned into something of an arts district. That effort was spearheaded by the Near Westside Initiative, the Delavan Center, 40 Below, the Gear Factory, and the hard work of many other local citizens and artists.
We want to remind people that we believe in ALL of the City of Syracuse, and that it is a city that is improving every day because of the hardworking people who live here. There are many signs of revitalization happening on the Near Westside, and we want to recognize the greatness of the area.
The piece of artwork should spread the message that we have faith in Syracuse and its people. It should increase the emotional connection people feel to the city by celebrating it and inciting a sense of pride within those that view the art.
B) Benefit to the Artist
Believe in Syracuse is a highly recognized brand in Greater Syracuse. We reach thousands of people every day through traditional and digital media. The chosen artist will be conducting a major project of Believe in Syracuse’s activities for the year. In addition, the design of the artwork created will be used in a long-term community campaign. Believe in Syracuse will publicize the artwork and its message to tens of thousands of people throughout Central New York, which will be a strong benefit to the artist.
C) Believe in Syracuse’s mission statement is:
To promote positive perceptions and improve the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse Area.
D) Specifications
Artwork should be designed specifically for 1022 W. Fayette St and respond to the unique character of its surroundings. It should also be able to be condensed and/or reformatted into promotional materials such as flags, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and social media. In addition, the artwork must be safe, tamper resistant and easily maintained.
E) Siting (Please see the below dimensions of the wall and image)

Home HeadQuarters is the owner and developer of this building. For more info about their work in the community, visit

IV. Selection Process
The selection will be made by a specialized Believe in Syracuse Committee. The committee will review all submissions and select an artist based on their qualifications, experience, and fit for the project. The committee will consist of three community members with art expertise, and three Believe in Syracuse board members:
● Artistic merit and quality, as substantiated by an artist’s past history of exhibitions or sales, awards or other recognition, or an outstanding first work, as well as the inherent quality in terms of timelessness of vision, design, aesthetics, and excellence;
● Local significance, creating a sense of excitement in public spaces and presenting fresh ways of seeing the community and city reflected; and
● Installation and maintenance of the work
● Spread the message of Believe in Syracuse
● To increase the emotional value of Greater Syracuse and increasing citizen’s emotional connection to Greater Syracuse.
V. Projected Timeline
● March 16, 2018: RFP deadline, No late submissions will be accepted
● Early April: Committee will meet to review all proposals
● Mid April: Committee will meet again to vote on a final selection
● May 1, 2018: Artist will be chosen
● May 15, 2018: Work on mural will begin
● August 15, 2018 (approx.): Mural completed
VI. Application Requirements
Deadline for submission: March 16, 2018
A) Delivery:
Email or mail applications to:
John DeSantis, Executive Director of Believe in Syracuse
B) Application:
To be reviewed for consideration, the application must contain:
● Project description, including purpose, rationale and/or intention, including how the piece responds to 1022 W. Fayette St., the surrounding area, and our city.
● Artist resume, exhibition list, and flash drive and/or hard copy color images of other works
● Illustrative drawings or model showing artwork in relation to 1022 W. Fayette St.
● Illustrative and/or construction drawings of proposed work
● Description of short- and long-term maintenance requirements and costs
● Detailed project budget
VII. Project Contact
John DeSantis
Executive Director, Believe in Syracuse
Paul Colabufo
Board President, Believe in Syracuse
VIII. Supporting Materials
1) For additional information about Believe in Syracuse, visit

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