Four Ways We're Improving the Quality of Life in Greater Syracuse:

1) Community & Caring Initiative 2) BIS Book Swaps 3) Public Mural, and 4) Creativity Crates

OUR MISSION: To promote positive perceptions and improve the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse Area.

Believe in Syracuse has worked on many projects over the years to help the greater Syracuse community. Currently, Believe in Syracuse is working on four major charitable projects to improve the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse Area. Below are the current ongoing projects. If you see something you like, join us in making Syracuse even better! Click here to become a member! Click Here to Donate to help power our mission forward. Interested in joining a committee that is working on these projects? Click here!


Believe in Syracuse's Community Service Committee has started the Community Caring Initiative. The committee strives to collect and donate essential needs to the residents of Syracuse. It helps to improve the quality of life for Greater Syracuse residents.

Goal: To hold a minimum of 4 donation drives per year. Each quarter we assist a local beneficiary in attaining goods to support their efforts to promote an increased quality of life for Syracuse’s inhabitants.

Over the summer the Community and Caring Initiative held a book drive and collected about 2,500 books to donate to children in the community. This initiative helped support summer literacy in the Greater Syracuse community.

The most recent drive collected feminine hygiene products for underprivileged women. This drive helped to benefit organizations including Hope PrintSamaritan CenterCanTeen of Central New York, and Vera House.

The next drive strives to help the homeless population in Syracuse. The drive will collect winter clothing items such as hats, gloves, hand/foot warmers, new socks, & scarves.


The BIS Book Swap is a simple idea (Leave a book, take a book) that brings books to our local communities. Believe in Syracuse has partnered with Eastwood Rotary, Historic Hawley Green, and Northeast Hawley Development Association to bring our first book swap to the Hawley Green community this year. With Salt Makerspace manufacturing the library, our neighborhoods will have more accessibility to books. The goal is to build one maintainable structure in a new Greater Syracuse area annually. 

Mission: To provide on-going, sustainable, access to reading materials to Greater Syracuse neighborhoods. 

Goal: To reinforce a sense of community in each neighborhood by providing an opportunity for the local community to contribute to their neighborhood's literacy development. 


Believe in Syracuse is seeking to commission a mural to be located on the downtown facing side of 1022 W. Fayette St. Syracuse, NY. The total project budget is up to $20,000. The Believe in Syracuse art committee will help select the artist to paint the mural through a competitive process. Interested artists should submit their RFP to us by March 16, 2018. The piece of artwork should spread the message that we have faith in Syracuse and its people. It should increase the emotional connection people feel to the city by celebrating it and inciting a sense of pride within those that view the art. The art committee will evaluate each artist's RFP & application packet and choose the winner. 

Goal: Increase the emotional connection of Syracuse's residents, beautify part of the city and spread the message of Believe in Syracuse.

Accepting RFP's until March 16, 2018! Click the link below:


The Believe In Syracuse Creativity Crates is an initiative to provide artists in need with the opportunity to create a compelling 2-dimensional piece of art. The artist candidates should be between the ages of 16-29 years of age and from the Central New York area. Believe In Syracuse will be providing the artists with supplies they may not necessarily have access to otherwise. The artists will be selected through an endorsement/nomination process. The Believe In Syracuse Art committee will review each submission and select our ten (10) Creativity Crate recipients. Upon completion of the piece of art, each artist will submit the work created with the supplies from the Creativity Crates, to the committee. Believe In Syracuse will be hosting an art exhibition at the Everson Museum of Art on February 17, 2018 during which each piece of art will be silent auctioned. The proceeds from the silent auction will be divided evenly between the artists and the Everson Museum of Art as a charitable donation.

Goal: To inspire creativity to artists in the CNY area, who may struggle with opportunities to do so, by providing them with an opportunity to have their art showcased & auctioned at one of our major museums, the Everson Museum of Art.

Now accepting artist endorsements/nominations for the Creativity Crates!

Deadline is December 1, 2017. Click the link below:



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