How Local Art Is Making Syracuse A City On The Rise

How Local Art Is Making Syracuse A City On The Rise

Believe in Syracuse's 4th Birthday at the MOST is just 4 days away. This week we've announced a lot about how much fun the event will be for the whole family and how the event is also a delicious taste of Syracuse. Not only that but it's a community event with a true purpose. With so much to be excited about, now is the time to get ticketsThey're just $5. Click here and register.

The event this year has little to do with us and it's more than a good party. It's an entire community coming together to celebrate how the arts have contributed to making Syracuse a great place to live, work and enjoy.



Besides the event being a food festival, it will also be a art festival. We will have the Central New York Playhouse, the Everson, Whimsical Windows by Robin, Ashanti Bell Art and other art vendors:


In Downtown Syracuse, public art is practically everywhere. The Connective Corridor, Near Westside Initiative and others have put up a lot of art and it inspires today's generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds, and this is part of what is inspiring Believe in Syracuse to focus on the arts this year. That's why we're so excited to present the 2017 Believe in Syracuse Awards to Carrie Lazarus and Symphoria for their work in the arts. Click here to register to join them on Friday.

Don't get FoMO - Fear of Missing Out. This is going to be an amazing event and you know you will want to be there. To learn more and RSVP, visit our event on Facebook.

To get your tickets to the event for just $5, get access to free food, beverage and dessert samples and celebrate the local arts scene with us, click here and let us know you're in.

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