The Believe In Syracuse Creativity Crates is an initiative to provide artists in need with the opportunity to create a compelling 2-dimensional piece of art. The artist candidates should be between the ages of 16-29 years of age and from the Central New York area. Believe In Syracuse will be providing the artists with supplies they may not necessarily have access to otherwise. The artists will be selected through an endorsement/nomination process. The Believe In Syracuse Art committee will review each submission and select our ten (10) Creativity Crate recipients. Upon completion of the piece of art, each artist will submit the work created with the supplies from the Creativity Crates, to the committee.

Believe In Syracuse will be hosting an art exhibition at the Everson Museum of Art on February 17, 2018 during which each piece of art will be silent auctioned. The proceeds from the silent auction will be divided evenly between the artists and the Everson Museum of Art as a charitable donation.

Looking to endorse/nominate a local artist? You may do so with the following link:

Nomination deadline is 12:59pm on   

 December 8, 2017. 




November 01, 2017 at 12am - February 17, 2018

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