TONIGHT! Pizza and Local Pride at the South Side Innovation Center!

Tonight at 5:30 Believe in Syracuse is gathering and rallying the troops. We're having our big General Interest Meeting that only happens twice a year when we welcome anyone and everyone from the community to come check us out.

First I will go over our mission, our history, our accomplishments and our structure as an organization. I'll explain why we're so bullish on Syracuse and how we envision us rising together as a community and I'll take questions. There's so much to be thankful for, that too many people take for granted, and some VERY exciting new developments, including ones we're planning, that will keep our region moving forward in the decades to come.

Then we'll hear from each committee chair - Sally from Community Service, Yvonne from Fundraising and MarkAvery from Membership, as they speak about what their groups do and how you might plug in. Next, we'll break out into groups, one for each committee. This is your chance to personally connect with our existing leadership and new members, as well as share your ideas on how we can advance our programs to make Syracuse a more positive place.

The Greater Syracuse Community is nothing without your positive influence. It's that influence tonight at our meeting and going forward that will make Syracuse even stronger for years to come. Can you join us tonightClick here and RSVP!


At the event tonight we'll have Pizza, Salad and drinks from Mario & Salvo's in DeWitt. The South Side Innovation Center is at 2610 South Salina Street, Syracuse NY 13205. It shares a big parking lot with Dunk & Bright, right off route 81.

Our General Interest Meetings have made Believe in Syracuse what it is today. So many big events, big ideas, and amazing new relationships have come out of these events over the past few years. The central idea behind our General Interest Meetings is that WE BELIEVE IN YOU! You've made the difference for us all along and YOU have the power to make Syracuse even better for years to come.


Positive change never comes from the top down. It comes from the bottom up. It comes from you. That's why I hope you'll join us tonightClick here and then RSVP to attend an amazing event tonight or visit one of the URL's below.


John DeSantis 
John DeSantis
Believe in Syracuse
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Wednesday: Be part of something positive, exciting and bigger than yourself!

Everyone knows that we believe in the Syracuse area, but what you may not know is how we channel all that enthusiasm into action that makes a difference. That's what our Spring General Interest Meeting will be all about on Wednesday. We'll give a presentation on what we do to impact the community in a positive way, give you the opportunity to interact with us, ask questions and get connected to explore ways you can work with us or get involved.

This Wednesday we're meeting at 5:30 at the South Side Innovation Center which shares a parking lot with Dunk & Bright. There will be pizza and salad. 

Give us just an hour and a half of your day and I can promise you'll get something positive out of it. Click here and RSVP to join us.

Be the change! Join us at our General Interest Meeting.

What: Spring 2017 Believe in Syracuse General Interest Meeting

Who: Believe in Syracuse Board Members, Committee Chairs, Community Members, Vendors, Sponsors, Volunteers and YOU!!

When: Wednesday, May 24th

Where: South Side Innovation Center, 2610 S Salina St, Next to Dunk & Bright


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Be the change! Join us at our General Interest Meeting.

What: Spring 2017 Believe in Syracuse General Interest Meeting
Who: Believe in Syracuse Board Members, Committee Chairs, Community Members, Vendors, Sponsors, Volunteers and YOU!!
When: Wednesday, May 24th
Where: South Side Innovation Center, 2610 S Salina St, Next to Dunk & Bright

Believe in Syracuse has big plans to make an impact in the community!
Our Board, Staff and committees want YOU to join us on May 24th to learn more, connect with some positive people and work together with us to promote our community.
We are planning a Public Art Campaign & Mural, installing a little free library on the Near Northside, helping promote summer literacy for city kids and planning the Greater Syracuse Arts & Culture Fest which will spotlight the incredible diversity and culturally unique food Syracuse has to offer. Come learn more, interact with us, meet like-minded people and work with us to make Syracuse a more positive place. 
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New Appointments to Believe in Syracuse!

Believe in Syracuse is pleased to announce the following appointments to leadership positions within our organization: Yvonne Scott-Younis as VP of the Board and Audra Linsner as a Spring Fellow.

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New Data shows Syracuse on the Rise

We're #1 . . . and we have statistical data to prove it!

U.S. News and World Report is the gold standard for objective data driven rankings. They are who we trust to rank our colleges, and they are also who we trust to rank our cities.

This year U.S. News and World Report ranked Syracuse the 28th best city in the country to live in (up from 53 last year). This jump in the rankings makes Syracuse one of the 3 up and coming cities in the country to live in! 

Those are the results, but lets take a deeper look into the findings.


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Why I Started Believe in Syracuse

Our Mission: To promote positive perceptions and improve the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse Area.

Since the moment I started Believe in Syracuse four years ago, we've been guided by the idea of changing the conversation about CNY. For too long, cynicism and negativity dominated the collective psyche of our region. I saw it first hand growing up in a culture that taught me that if I wanted to do well professionally I should move elsewhere.

Once I started to see the many opportunities we have in Syracuse I decided to put down roots here. Part of what helped me make that choice was being involved in the community. I was civically active and engaged in volunteering for different organizations and saw those organizations struggle to find support.

The moment I decided to start Believe in Syracuse was when I saw that these two problems intersected. People weren't getting involved in local causes and non-profits because they didn't believe that positive change is possible in Syracuse. At the same time, cynicism was being fueled by low civic engagement. Cynicism helped hold back leaders from acting on big solutions and big ideas that would improve the quality of life for residents. An improved quality of life is what we all really want for our children and grandchildren, and that's what will finally and effectively get people to believe in Syracuse.

This is what we're fighting for. In 2017 we're putting the clout we've built up to work to revitalize Syracuse. This is a year of action for us, supporting the arts, inspiring creativity and innovation, helping teach inner city kids that reading is fun and brightening up the appearance of the city we love.

That's why I'm asking you to stand with us. Here are three ways in which you can do just that:
Together we'll continue to make Syracuse a stronger community.

John DeSantis
Believe in Syracuse

2610 South Salina St
Syracuse, NY 13205

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THANK YOU to the 1,200 Who Attended! Quick Feedback Survey on our 4th Birthday Bash!

For us, our 4th Birthday Bash was a HUGE success, beyond our wildest expectations! Over 1,200 people attended, we partnered with 80 vendors who were set up throughout the MOST and we raised funds to support our mission in the community.

However, if you were able to attend we want to know how the 4th Birthday Party was for you. That's why we have a quick 1-page survey we'd like you to fill out. Be brutally honest! Your constructive criticism is the best way for us to learn. Click here and let us know what you thought of the event.

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How Local Art Is Making Syracuse A City On The Rise

Believe in Syracuse's 4th Birthday at the MOST is just 4 days away. This week we've announced a lot about how much fun the event will be for the whole family and how the event is also a delicious taste of Syracuse. Not only that but it's a community event with a true purpose. With so much to be excited about, now is the time to get ticketsThey're just $5. Click here and register.

The event this year has little to do with us and it's more than a good party. It's an entire community coming together to celebrate how the arts have contributed to making Syracuse a great place to live, work and enjoy.


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