Why I Started Believe in Syracuse

Why I Started Believe in Syracuse

Our Mission: To promote positive perceptions and improve the quality of life in the Greater Syracuse Area.

Since the moment I started Believe in Syracuse four years ago, we've been guided by the idea of changing the conversation about CNY. For too long, cynicism and negativity dominated the collective psyche of our region. I saw it first hand growing up in a culture that taught me that if I wanted to do well professionally I should move elsewhere.

Once I started to see the many opportunities we have in Syracuse I decided to put down roots here. Part of what helped me make that choice was being involved in the community. I was civically active and engaged in volunteering for different organizations and saw those organizations struggle to find support.

The moment I decided to start Believe in Syracuse was when I saw that these two problems intersected. People weren't getting involved in local causes and non-profits because they didn't believe that positive change is possible in Syracuse. At the same time, cynicism was being fueled by low civic engagement. Cynicism helped hold back leaders from acting on big solutions and big ideas that would improve the quality of life for residents. An improved quality of life is what we all really want for our children and grandchildren, and that's what will finally and effectively get people to believe in Syracuse.

This is what we're fighting for. In 2017 we're putting the clout we've built up to work to revitalize Syracuse. This is a year of action for us, supporting the arts, inspiring creativity and innovation, helping teach inner city kids that reading is fun and brightening up the appearance of the city we love.

That's why I'm asking you to stand with us. Here are three ways in which you can do just that:
Together we'll continue to make Syracuse a stronger community.

John DeSantis
Believe in Syracuse

2610 South Salina St
Syracuse, NY 13205
315-657-7478 john@believeinsyracuse.org

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